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Syrian rug repair and restoration company in London

Syrian rugs are a luxury to own. If you are in fact one of the lucky people who do happen to have one at home, then you can understand why it is important that you give it the TLC it needs to maintain it’s vibrant colour and intricate stitching.

Syrian rugs wear out over time, be it pets, burn marks, environmental damage, moth damage or even drink stains. It is important to ensure that you maintain your Syrian rug to ensure that you don’t lose the life in it. We offer Traditional Syrian rug repair, rug restoration and professional cleaning services.

Let our experience and results express what we are capable of.

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John Smith

A very professional and courteous service.  The carpets had not been cleaned for many years.  They came back looking pristine, the repairs mended invisibly and the colours with a new lease of life.  I cannot recommend this company more highly.