Antique rugs are an excellent part of the home, it can make your house a home, it provides that little bit of class in your living room that may have been missing.


There are various rug designs that are available nowadays, more modern designs as well as traditional antique rugs which are still regularly used in homes in this day and age, and sometime we want to consider that classic taste before buying a rug.


This post is going to be about the antique rugs which people used to use centuries ago, that are still finding their place in people’s homes today.


Chinese Rugs


Nowadays the charm of the intricately woven artistic ornamental dragon designs on Chinese rugs still catch the eye of potential customers, and it’s not a surprise.


Chinese rugs are placed under the category of oriental rugs, along with Persian rugs. The main differences being the local art and ornaments being somewhat a trademark for traditional Chinese rug designs from as early as the 17th century.


If these traditional rugs can survive two world wars and still be an iconic part of living rooms then it’s definitely worth looking into when choosing a rug for your home this year.

oriental rug design

Afghan Rugs


Afghanistan has maintained their same distinctive rug design for decades. Maintaining their traditional designs and techniques, antique rugs are definitely a good investment for your home. Mind you, you still need to ensure that you maintain your rug, regularly repairing and restoring your rug to preserve its quality.


If you have ever seen an Afghan rug for yourself you would agree that they are quite visually appealing, and many use it for prayer mats also, another good thing about choosing a Afghan rug for your home is that it is a cheap alternative, which doesn’t hold back on quality. You can even get some rugs made out of afghan silk from the right places.

afghan rug repir

Persian Rugs


Just the mere word ‘Persian’, brings class and quality into this list. One of the most notorious rug ranges, by collectors and those who don’t even have knowledge on rugs. They have trademarked themselves for great quality rugs, and are nowadays considered as a great investment for the home.


The great thing about Persian rugs, also considered as part of the ‘oriental rugs’ category, is that they originated in Iran in around 500 B.C, yet they still serve as true value to bring to one’s home.


One thing to consider when buying a Persian rug however, is to ensure that it is an authentic hand-woven rug. Also, Persian rugs can be pricey, so to ensure you preserve your rug’s quality ensure you regularly get professional rug cleaning and restoration for imperfections as soon as they’re found.


You can tell whether it is authentically hand-woven by the stitching on the bottom of the rug, it should closely match the stitching on the exterior also.

persian rug repair

Ikat Rugs


Simple, elegant, antique, yet still relevant.


Ikat rugs originated back in the 19th century, so in the 1800’s.


Ikat rugs are known for their simple yet artistic design, with intricate patterns to add a classy feel to your home. Although dating back over two centuries, both collectors and homeowners can find a place for an Ikat rug in their home.


Ikat is known as a traditional dyeing technique that has been used from cultures in Mexico to India over 200 years back. Which really does prove, true quality never goes out of fashion.

ikat rug repair



Those were the antique rugs that are still relevant in the 21st century, hopefully this helps you figure out what one to get to make your house a home!