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Carpets and rugs bear the brunt of our dirty shoes and everyday wear and tear, which means they can soon start to look less than pristine. We offer a superb cleaning service at Rug Repair London, which produces surprising results.

We have worked with every type of rug imaginable: classic rugs, luxury rugs, oriental rugs and persian rugs. We know how to eliminate all sorts of nasty marks and stains. While our treatment of stains is tough, the way we treat your rug or carpet is quite the opposite.

Our techniques are suitable for delicate textiles and vintage rugs and cause no risk to the rug itself. We can undertake spot-cleaning and all-over deep cleans, which also dispel unpleasant odours and remove all signs of dust, discolouring and mould.

We break down any built up dirt and eliminate it, restoring your rug to it’s original luxury form. We recommend cleaning rugs and vintage textiles at least once every three years to retain the vibrancy of the colours and keep damage to a minimum.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is your rug cleaning process?

The rug cleaning process has remained more or less traditional over our time in service. We start off with a gentle cleaning process suitable to the rug’s materials, ensuring we don’t use too many harsh chemicals, we ensure we rid your rug of stains and return it as good as new.

Why should I choose Rug Repair London?

We have over a century’s experience in rug repair, rug cleaning and rug restoration services. With us you are guaranteed the quality you deserve, as well as peace of mind that we know what we’re doing. A rug can make or break a home’s design, and we’re here to make sure your rug maintains its class.

Zayd Rehman

A brilliant service from the collection of our Rug to the delivery of our well cleaned rug. We are delighted with the results our rug came back with, looked just like the day we purchased it. Thank you.

Bindiya Patel

My rugs have been in my family for at least fifty years and I was delighted to see how fabulous the colours were after cleaning.  A miracle was also performed on a rug that has been misshapen for years – it is now in perfect shape. Cannot recommend this company highly enough.