Who We Are

Rug Repair London has been operating for over a century, specialising in the creation and distribution of luxury , handcrafted rugs, carpets and textiles. Today, the company provides a wide range of services, including buying, selling and valuing brand new and vintage luxury rugs and other textiles.

Rug Repair London also restores, cleans and repairs rugs using gentle, yet highly effective bespoke techniques. All work is carried out by hand from the company’s premises in London with the entire team of specialists taking huge pride and joy in their work with these beautiful works of art.

Rug Repair London is pleased to offer all new customers a free, no-obligation quote for any of the services listed above. To claim your free quote or to find out more about what we can offer, contact us by filling in the online form or giving us a call on 0203 249 2005.

Our sales team can help you buy rugs and carpets, whether you are choosing your first ever piece or are adding to a fine collection. We can also help you sell your rug or carpet, whether you are upgrading, redecorating or parting with an unwanted gift or inheritance.

We also offer a comprehensive and bespoke repair, restoration and cleaning service, transforming your carpet or rug back to its original glory, producing stunning results using gentle, yet effective techniques and high quality materials.


Welcome to London Rug Repair Company. We have over 130 years of experience in restoring luxury rugs to their full glory.

• Rug repairs: Stop damage in its tracks with our rug repair service
• Rug restoration: Trust us to restore your cherished rug
• Rug cleaning: Give your rug a new leased of life
• Rug buying: Browse our luxury textiles to see what catches your eye

Rug repair London offers a full rug and carpet repair service using traditional techniques and exact wool matches to keep repairs as invisible as we can. We take huge pride in our hand repairs of these beautiful works of art.
We will assess the work first and talk you through what we feel we can do to restore the rug. Once we have your approval to start work, we will keep in touch throughout to make sure you are completely satisfied.
We recommend cleaning rugs and vintage textiles at least once every three years to retain the vibrancy of the colours and keep damage to a minimum.
We take huge pride in our hand repairs of these beautiful works of art. Does your rug need repairing? Find out how we can help by calling us today.

What we do

Put simply, we love buying, selling and restoring rugs and carpets and are proud to continue the traditions built up over 130 years of trading. Please visit the contact page and get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements.