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Homes are only getting newer, more modern and so, you guessed it, so are rugs. Rugs are catching up with the times and nowadays there are various modern rug designs to choose from, boasting a vast range of intricate design patterns and colour schemes.

Just because a hand-woven rug doesn’t have years of provenance, it doesn’t mean that it is any less valuable or appealing to the eye. Many modern designs are already being earmarked as the antiques of the future and a well-placed modern rug can look stunning as the centrepiece of a reception room, bedroom or office boardroom, or as mentioned, a modern home like a luxury high-rise apartment.

We provide professional rug repair and restoration services for modern rugs, which include (but are not limited to)  rips, burns, frays and loose stitching.  We use traditional methods to clean modern rugs to remove any stains and prolong its useful life.

Our experts use only gentle cleaning products and will match any wool to your modern rug. Mending it as subtly as possible.


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We clean rugs

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We clean rugs

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We restore rugs

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We restore rugs

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We repair rugs

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John Smith

A very professional and courteous service.  The carpets had not been cleaned for many years.  They came back looking pristine, the repairs mended invisibly and the colours with a new lease of life.  I cannot recommend this company more highly.