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Afghan rug repair and restoration company in London

If you are the owner of a hand-crafted Afghan rug, then you are fortunate indeed. Hours of painstaking work goes into each design, which can be based on geometric patterns or living creatures and plants. Repairing and restoring Afghan rugs also takes hard work, skill and years of experience to do it at a high standard.

If your Afghan rug has suffered damage, trust us with its repair and we will ensure it is returned to you looking flawless and ready to provide many more years of class in your home. Or allow us to clean it to re-brighten the colours again. Our repair and cleaning techniques are gentle yet effective, a fact to which our many satisfied customers can support.

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Repair my afghan rug

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Repair my afghan rug

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We restore afghan rugs

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We restore afghan rugs

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We clean afghan rugs

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John Smith

A very professional and courteous service.  The carpets had not been cleaned for many years.  They came back looking pristine, the repairs mended invisibly and the colours with a new lease of life.  I cannot recommend this company more highly.