Rug Restoration

Luxury Rugs Restoration Service in London

Our expert traditional rug restoration teams boast over 130 years’ experience and are fully trained in traditional rug maintenance to restore them to their original state. We will work our utmost to restore your precious rug to its full former glory, employing a gentle hand and various knotting techniques to return the shape and colours of your rug back to its original zest.

All rug restoration work carried out by Rug Repair London is done by hand using bespoke equipment and facilities. Restoration areas and techniques covered by our team include reweaving or re-piling part or all of the main pattern, untangling fringes that have become matted or knotted up and mending rug damage caused by moths, fire or water, whilst subtly blending any imperfections to keep your rug looking as good as new.

We will assess the workload first and talk you through what we feel we can do to restore the rug. Once we have your approval to start work, we will keep in touch throughout to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What does your rug restoration service include?

Our rug restoration services include reweaving and re-piling of patterns, untangling fringes and blending any restoration from fire or environmental damage.

My rug's colour is fading, can you help?

Rug Repair London’s restoration service includes colour restoration, using exact wool colour matches to restore your rug from it’s off-key moment.

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Bindiya Patel

My rugs have been in my family for at least fifty years and I was delighted to see how fabulous the colours were after cleaning.  A miracle was also performed on a rug that has been misshapen for years – it is now in perfect shape. Cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Mark Taylor

A very professional and courteous service.  The carpets have been damaged for years.  They came back looking pristine, the repairs mended invisibly and the colours restored with a new lease of life.  I cannot recommend this company more highly.