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Classic rug repair and restoration company in London

Like a designer ‘little black dress’ or a vintage car, a classic rug never goes out of fashion and looks fabulously stylish, wherever it is placed. Such is the value that classic rugs offers its owner that any dirt or damage it suffers must be cleaned or repaired by a professional who can truly appreciate its beauty.

A classic rug can be a prudent financial investment over time, which means that any rips, tears, burns or frayed edges can lower its commercial value as well as its aesthetic appeal, especially if left to get worse. We offer classic rug cleaning, classic rug repair and restoration for classic rugs.

Let Rug Repair London care for your classic rug and ensure it can go on providing pleasure and increasing in value for many years to come.

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We restore classic rugs

Classic restoration services

We restore classic rugs

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We repair classic rugs

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We repair classic rugs

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We clean classic rugs

Classic rug cleaning services

We clean classic rugs

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John Smith

A very professional and courteous service.  The carpets had not been cleaned for many years.  They came back looking pristine, the repairs mended invisibly and the colours with a new lease of life.  I cannot recommend this company more highly.